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Digital Distribution

Aether Sky is a Digital Distribution specialist. We work with over 100 global and local partners including stores, platforms, clients, telecoms & aggregators to get great games out to millions of customers and generate revenues. Our network includes established and developing markets.

We take care of the entire process from initial listing/pitching to marketing campaigns, reporting and analytics.

We are interested in excellent games for:

  • PC
  • Mobile
  • VR/XR
  • HTML5
  • Web3


With over a decade of publishing experience of AAA and Indie games on almost every platform, we can publish select games directly or connect with our partners as relevant for bespoke publishing solutions that put the game first.

Before Aether Sky we have been part of elite publishing teams, and successfully published globally recognised hits and franchises.

Benefit from our world-class experience, partnerships and flexible business model to unlock your game’s potential.

Contact us today, and be sure to have a playable build ready for evaluation!


Whether you are looking to firm up your own commercial strategy, searching for funding, or simply want to talk to a proven industry expert about how immediate value could be added to your gaming business – don’t hesitate to reach out!

We can also help with:

  • Funding & Investments
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Content Acquisition / Licensing
  • Pricing & Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing & PR


Through our work we have established alliances with leading studios, teams and service providers. Chances are, we can probably at least point you in the right direction for any desired service.

Enquire now and we will be happy to discuss:

  • Top-quality Music/Sound/Audio services
  • Outsourced development teams
  • Community management tools
  • Anti-Cheating systems
  • Recruitment
  • And more!